The residences available in the resource bank of OPAHQ offer several services and can fulfill every need.  Those residences were visited and evaluated by OPAHQ in order to guarantee rigorous quality standards.  Information about the residences are frequently updated.




Medical care given to a senior citizen suffering from loss of independence and living in a private long term care center can be partially or totally tax deductible..


Tenants can claim tax credits under Medical Expense and Disability Tax Credits Certificate (Canada Revenue Agency T2201 Certificate).


For Quebec Revenue Agency, the correct certificate is the TP752.0.14 Certificate Respecting an Impairment (This form is used to certify that, for a prolonged period, a person has a severe mental or physical impairment.).  This document must be duly filled by an authorized doctor.





Shelter Allowance is a housing allowance program for low-income individuals or households. This program is aimed at individuals aged 55 or over or couples in which one partner is aged 55 or over.  For individuals, your income must not exceed 16 480$ or 20 000$ for couples.  This allowance can be of maximum 80$ per month.

The Shelter Allowance is calculated annually and is paid every month in your bank account.  For more information, you can refer to the following website or call 1-800-463-4315.


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